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"Much changes in the way we do business, but the needs of the customer remain the same.  Service and Value"


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Knowledge and Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

Internet Business Angels provide advice on how to ensure that an online business succeeds and the types of technology which exist to help you entice people to a web site and turn them into customers who feel appreciated and reassured.  This website provides a range of free advice on tried and tested techniques for setting up an internet business and what you should take into account in devising your business strategy.

We can also provide customised search engine optimisation, customer retention strategies and analysis of your site and visitors if you require more in depth assistance with building your brand and online business once you have created your initial web site and if you find that you need to convert more visitors into sales - this appears in the Services section.


Advice on how to chose a Web Site Hosting Provider - find the best value for money package for your site.


Tips on
                                                      DesignFactors when designing a web site - accessibility, layout, and how to do it


How best to promote your web site to drive visitors to it and once they are there, how to keep them on your site.

Site Tools

Tools for
                                                      your websiteAdd streaming video, advertising and tracking visitors to your site - best methods and value for money and payment processing

Our Services

Programming and proof reading / testing - add forms and content to your web site as well as visitor guest books, counters, and SQL database maintenance


Who are we and how can we help your online business?

How do you protect your ideas from exploitation by other companies?

With the increasing popularity of TV series such as Dragon's Den on BBC TV and BBC TV's The Apprentice, the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit which seems to flourish amongst us Brits has never seen so much press.  It is vital that you get the right sort of advice before seeking investment or making your ideas public, in order to safeguard you from exploitation.

As part of our team, we have an ex-solicitor, dedicated proof readers, a corporate probity specialist, and PHP and Perl programmers, ideal to use as a trouble-shooting team to identify where improvements can be made to your web site and business to drive customer interest and orders.

We can also help you to develop a strategy for your website to ensure that both your online and off-line business is safeguarded and available 24/7, ensuring that your important files are safe and protected with online server backup.


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