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Proof Reading Services

Internet Business Angels offers proof-reading expertise which is vital when producing important documents and web site content with which you need to make an impact.  We offer high specification proof-reading and documentation services guaranteed to be delivered on time and within budget, complete with the knowledge that all documents are treated with strict confidentiality.  The proof reading is performed by native highly educated English speakers with varied areas of speciality which guarantees the quality of the output.

Proof-reading forms the final editing stage of a document, providing an independent review with checks for typographical (typing) errors, grammar, punctuation, spacing, sentence structure and consistency, as well as checks on the use of the correct terms for the subject matter being proof-read.

We have a dedicated team of native English (UK based) speaking experts, who are able to help you with a wide range of documents, from developing a project from inception, to just putting the final touches to a document, to increase readability, reduce size (without diminishing content) or even putting a document into plain English.  Our team can help ensure that your documents are written for your market by ensuring that they:  

  • Focus on your purpose and message

  • Emphasize key issues and organise supporting information

  • Improve the flow of ideas whilst ensuring that the document remains to the point

  • Engage your readers' interest and ensure that they read the whole document

  • Remove extraneous words

  • Improve format and structure of your document, including layout and presentation

  • Add automatic indexes and tables of content

  • Provide a means of tracking changes to your document

  • Ensure that you reach your target audience

We have a range of experience in getting articles published in journals, newspapers and magazines, as well as assisting with in-house copy for your newsletter, blog or website. We are able to take technical documentation and turn it into plain English manuals for those with less technical skills to be able to understand and use on a daily basis.

Automated Proof-Reading

We offer both a personal service and an automated proof-reading service.  The latter consists of a piece of software developed by leading-edge company, and is called WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke enables users to enhance their writing skills - the tool instantly analyses the complete text and provides context-based recommendations to replace words with synonyms, add adjectives and adverbs, check spelling and proper use of grammar.

WhiteSmoke - High Quality Automated Proof Reading SoftwareThe software is based on a unique and patented technology of a dynamic, self-learning, constantly growing database of millions of documents, and a proprietary dictionary database. A powerful engine simulates the human mind by reading millions of carefully selected texts, classifying and storing them, and ultimately providing the user with precise choices. These choices are based on cross referencing between the written text and the relevant database, and includes a content related thesaurus.

WhiteSmoke will pick up numerous spelling and grammatical errors (based on context) which are missed by the majority of spell and grammar checkers, and it then analyses the document to enhance the text by reference to a module - currently there are modules for medical texts, legal texts, commercial and literary.  The software is priced by the number of modules you need and to date, has around 50,000 customers and the WhiteSmoke web site includes a clear demonstration of how the software can be used to improve your documentation.

If you prefer a more personal touch, we are happy to proof read your document by hand.

Document Proof-Reading

With our range of expertise, we are able to understand highly technical documentation as well as correct the use of English for documentation written abroad.  We are also able to prepare functional design specifications and user manuals to your requirements, complete with graphical design and layout.  Highly technical documents can be re-written to be understandable in plain English for user manuals, technical guides and online help files.

Our dedicated team are able to offer high quality typed documentation for any requirements, including providing technical specifications, contractual documentation, program reviews, test reports and HTML web-pages. 

Copy typing and editing is available, although we can also design your documentation from scratch if required, based upon your short notes and actual product - please contact our dedicated proof reading team for more information.

Our proof-reading charge rates start at £10 per hour, dependent upon the technicality of the document - you should allow approximately one hour per 1000 words.

Team Experience

The Internet Business Angels team draws from a breadth of experience in a host of different fields, as follows:

  • Computer programming team with 15 years experience, including 68000 machine code programming, C, Perl, PHP, HTML coding, BASIC,  SCADA and PLC real-time programming

  • Computer industry journalist with 12 years experience, who has written both for web-sites and various top magazines - works include software and hardware reviews, as well as beginner's guides, press releases, programmers guides, functional design specifications and general marketing material.

  • Software test specialist with 16 years experience of testing a wide range of software packages from an end-user point of view, and providing in-depth reports on problems identified, how to replicate them, ideas for improvements and often providing suggested code to rectify the problems.

  • Former Solicitor of 4 years standing with a wide experience of conveyancing and property law, commercial law, trusts, probate and drafting contracts and Wills.

  • Technical Author with 7 years experience, writing functional design specifications, program workflows and end user manuals, including a hefty 1000+ page guide to programming in SuperBASIC.

  • Word Processing Skills including use of several word processors and other documentation packages, including Word, Excel and Access.

  • Knowledge of the inner workings of computers and the skills to build and repair computers.

  • 10 Years general office administration experience, including use of office equipment, word processing, maintaining and devising review systems, implementing health and safety reporting systems, letter writing, database and telephone skills.

  • Strong organisational skills used to create reports, agendas and minutes for Board meetings and reduce the number of errors contained in all reports.

  • In-depth knowledge of accounting and taxation systems in the UK with experience of administering trusts up to £1m, including bank reconciliations, accounts, tax returns and forecasts.

  • Graphic and Website Designer

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