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Our Services

Internet Business Angels are able to offer various services to assist you with promoting, enhancing and improving your web site and products in order to drive traffic and sales. As well as the information provided on this website, we are happy to review your website from a user's viewpoint, analysing it for user friendliness and accessibility, as well as proof reading your site content and documentation.

We provide guidance in clear English on how to enhance your website and turn visitors into long term customers.

Website Analysis

We can analyse your website to provide guidance on how user friendly it is and how to optimise its search engine ratings for your target audience.

Proof Reading

It is important to use plain English and ensure documents can be understood - we can proof read your content and literature.


We will test your software and web site under a variety of conditions to ensure that it can be used by all easily and quickly

Visitor Interaction

We can provide you with forms and intelligent visitor guest books to add to your web site in order to ensure you get feedback.

Case Studies

Some examples of how Internet Business Angels have assisted others.


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