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Design Promotion Tools

Case Studies

This is a brief look at some of the web sites which we have assisted to improve their customer reach and content design.  It also highlights the importance of third party testing of your site from an independent viewpoint.

World Record Chase

World Record Chase - This website had been created by a high quality web designer in New Zealand, but was not attracting the traffic and income needed by its owner to continue his endeavours to break World Records.

We have formed a close working relationship with the website owner, advising on a marketing strategy to fit within his budget, and identified how to expand his website to add new areas of interest and attract visitor loyalty to his brand.

We also implemented social networking media links, coupled with search engine optimisation and advertising promotion techniques to increase visitor numbers three-fold initially, with a gradual month on month increase in both visitors and enquiries.


The Holidaynet WebsiteHolidaynet - This website is well laid out and appears to meet most of the rules of internet programming practice.  However, our testing of the website, showed a major flaw, in that the default content-type on their web server was set to text/plain instead of text/html.  This may not mean much to your average Internet user, however, new security measures in Service Pack 2 for Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, meant that Internet Explorer would no longer display this website and in fact, displayed only the source code for the web page.  After we identified this problem, again it was corrected quickly by the website owners.

RWAP Software

RWAP Software WebsiteRWAP Software - This website is about supporting the needs of retro computer users.  However, the business needed to identify its market and help to build its customer base in order to launch new products for computers which have been around since 1980!  We identified various ways of assessing market need and generating discussion about products pre-launch in order to generate a buzz within the user base.  The methods used to help generate the market at a time when other traders were falling by the wayside have included:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (for example, try searching for "purchase sinclair ql computer" on Google)
  • Creation of visitor guestbooks where people are invited to leave details of their interest in products.  The guestbook also creates a mailing list of email addresses for people who leave their details, so that as soon as more details are released about up and coming projects (or the product is ready for sale), they can be contacted immediately and turned into customers.
  • Creation of user forums using phpBB (such as the innovative Sinclair ZX80 / ZX81 Discussion Forum) which can be used to talk about ideas with actual users and potential customers alike, in order to generate discussion and interest in future projects, as well as test the market
  • Creation of other marketing tools to ensure that any special offers are picked up by search engines and displayed in search results within 24 hours of the offer going live.  This has been used, for example, to promote special offers on second hand printers (for example, try searching for "second hand OKI c9500 printer" on Google).

Over a period of 3 years, the turnover has expanded from £5,000 to £22,000 and is continuing to grow.


SellMyRetro - Auction website for vintage and retro computers and - We were approached by a retro computer trader who was spending over £100per month on eBay fees and finding it too expensive to list low cost high volume items on the site.  We therefore identified that one method to make this more cost effective would be to create their own auction website, which they could then promote to other retro computer traders and users to aim at a specific market niche.

We helped to identify the software platform on which the auction website would be based, and through our programming arm (RWAP Services), we then worked with the customer to create custom modifications to the auction platform, with ongoing support to resolve issues as they arose once the site had gone live.

We have continued to work with this client to help improve search engine optimisation and drive customers to the site through various avenues, including social media networks, Google Base and general website promotion, resulting in over 100 unique visitors per day and increasing the sales revenue by 500%.  Even better news for the customer was that our charges were offset by savings in eBay fees within the first 6 months of the site going live! - Canadian Auction - This website is based on the same platform as the auction website and had initially been created and designed by a Canadian website designed (Creative Lunch).  We worked closely with this client and the designer to identify enhancements which could be made to the website building on the modules already developed, as well as new ones to meet the client's wishes and specific market niche.

"Working with Internet Business Angels andRWAP Services has made what was to me like climbing a mountain more like a walk
in the park. You transcended my thoughts and visions into reality. "

Dale Harnden,

We also provided 24 hour cover during the initial auction launches to quickly address any issues as they arose, advising the client on the best method of implementing further changes without impacting unduly on the customer experience whilst auctions were live on the site.

Proof Reading

A university recently called on our expertise to help proof read their Health & Safety policy documentation, to take account of changes in recent legislation and best practice.  Although initially only engaged to proof read the actual documentation, we offered advice on where clarification was required and where improvements to the text could be made to help promote Health & Safety - the University stated on receipt of the first document: "The majority of the changes are clear improvements so in general this is very useful to us.... We will be back in touch in a few days - once we have had a change to think though exactly how we operate the proofing (as it is more extensive in nature than we had initially expected) and sorted out a way of making best use of what looks to be a very useful service."

Following this initial document, we were then contracted to proof-read a further set of documents linked to the original Health & Safety policy.

Other Work

Other tasks which have passed over our books, range from development of internet spiders to verify a database of corporate information and also to search the internet for Annual Reports and accounts for listed companies; and creation of customer enquiry forms.

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