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Affiliate Programs

This is a list of the most popular affiliate advertising program providers.  We have concentrated on those who provide a wide range of affiliate schemes which you can apply to join and if successful, utilise to add advertising to your website.

Affiliate Future - This has a poor range of programmes which tend to be from lesser known websites, many of which are adult related.

Affiliate Window - Offer a broad range of schemes as well as allowing you to easily create a store front and email templates provided for many advertisers.

Commission Junction (Europe and USA) - Provide the widest range of affiliates including GoToMyPC and iPowerWeb. Payment is made directly to your bank account in your local currency.

Deal Media Group - DGMPro (UK) - Another good UK provider of Affiliate Programmes although their website is not very inspiring.  Payments made directly to your bank account via BACS.

Digital River - One Network (Europe and USA) - Provides some of the harder to find affiliate schemes, such as Symantec (Norton Internet Security), Kapersky anti-virus and LiveChat.  Payments made by cheque in US Dollars (minimum 25USD ).

Element 5 (also provided by Digital River) - Provides the affiliate scheme for companies such as Cyberlink, Grisoft's AVG Anti-Virus and CyberPatrol.  Payments made by cheque in US Dollars, Euros or UK Pounds (minimum 100 USD, 70 UKP).



Paid on Results (UK) - Another UK based affiliate scheme provider - wide range of lesser known merchants, includes La Senza and Miller Brothers.  Payment made direct to bank account or by cheque - minimum only £25.

Tradedoubler (UK) - One of the better UK based programme providers offering content units (advertiser's text to include on your site, such as links to latest offers).  Payment is made direct to your bank account by BACS.  Tradedoubler also includes the ability to create a store front, based on offers from the affiliate schemes to which you are signed up.  Another feature is contextual advertising (similar to Google Adwords), whereby the adverts shown on screen are based on the words and content of your webpage.

There are also numerous sites which offer adult affiliate marketing schemes.  However many of these have earned a poor reputation from the very fact that people have created websites with no content other than just links to these schemes, and they fail to use any sort of age verification method or promote any form of parental control software to protect minors from viewing the highly explicit pictures which can appear on advertising banners or on the front of the sites which they lead to.

As a result, many hosting companies will not allow the use of their servers to store adult material or even links to adult websites.  The main problem with creating such sites is that most of the adult orientated websites actually utilise their own separate affiliate programs.  This means that you cannot go to a single one-stop web site to join several schemes - instead you have to join several independent affiliate schemes, each of which will have their own minimum payment levels and methods of payment, thus reducing your chances of ever receiving payment.

However, if you must, one of the best known adult affiliate scheme providers is:

Clickcash - this operates sites such as iFriends and numerous webcam based websites.

Finally we turn to payment, although some of these affiliate scheme providers allow for a BACS payment direct to your bank account, quite often you need to check the small print very carefully.  Some will only send payment in a cheque in US dollars, which here in the UK can cost around £15 to encash as well as taking a long time to clear.  It is therefore imperative that if you do join a scheme which only pays via cheque in US dollars, that you can set a high minimum payout amount.

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