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We always welcome feedback on suggestions on how we can improve the look and feel of our website and how to improve its appeal to others.  If you have any tips on setting up an internet business, then please do share them with the rest of the internet community.

We do not currently offer web design services, or venture capital to assist with setting up a new business, but if you want to offer your services in either of these areas, then please let us know as we are always willing to form new partnerships with quality partners.  We do have plenty of experience of setting up new businesses, running online web sites and advising others.  However, our main strengths lie in troubleshooting (identification and resolution of problems) - therefore if you feel that your website could benefit from our services, or you are looking for help, please contact us or leave a message on this guestbook.

Please feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism about our website here.  If you have found the information on this website useful and it has helped you to advance your business in any way, then we would like to hear from you.

If you would like a Guestbook for your own website, please feel free to use this one (use the Request Guestbook button above) or contact us to discuss your particular requirements.  Please read our own section on customer interaction and the types of guestbook facility which we can offer to your own website based on our Intelligent Guestbook Technology.

Intelligent Visitor Guestbook Technology

We have various facilities which are provided as part of our free guest books:

  • A maintenance routine which runs every few days and checks on all current entries within the guestbook.  If requested, the maintenance routines will then automatically delete any entries within the guestbook which are older than a specified number of days.  The guestbook owner is also able to specify the minimum number of entries which should be left in the guestbook by the maintenance routine.

  • The guestbook can be easily added to any website, with the HTML provided and work even from within the AOL browser which masks the address of the referring page from the Perl script.

  • Email addresses of people adding to the guestbook can be hidden, allowing contact only through the website owner, which, for example, could be used for selling second hand items where the website owner wants a commission on any sale.

  • Email addresses entered into the guestbook can optionally be collated in a separate file, ready for use by the guestbook owner for mail shots.  If you do decide to send a mailshot to those people who have left their details on the guestbook, then you may wish to use one of the tracking systems available such as Roving Software.

  • Filters to remove swear words from guestbook entries can be enabled.

We can also provide additional programming and support services to enable you to host the guestbook on your own servers (free guestbooks are hosted on our servers so that we can monitor traffic).

Our team can also provide additional functionality, such as changing the look of the guestbook and the footer at the bottom to secure your own advertising. We can also add a turing number to the "Add New Comment" page to prevent entries being added by automatic software.

You may also want to be notified of any new entries to the guestbook so that you can either authorise each entry, or simply view the details for information.  This would allow you to block any spam entries or respond quickly to any negative customer feedback or queries.

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